Savent Solar
Savent Solar

Solar Energy – Take control of your energy


Save on bills and receive cash from the Government’s Feed In Tariff


Become self sufficient for your own energy needs

Years of  knowledge and experience utilising fully qualified solar PV electricians

Sussex Based business employing local installers and electricians

Our focus is on the following sectors:

New builds | Domestic | Commercial | Industrial | Off Grid & Mobile

Savent Solar Limited is a specialist low carbon, renewable energy business based in Sussex covering all aspects of energy generation, distribution and storage. The business manages over 1000 domestic and commercial solar PV systems predominately across the South East of the United Kingdom. We deliver and manage all aspects of solar PV, renewable energy, energy efficiency and storage, including the following technologies;

  • New Solar PV systems for both domestic and commercial applications benefiting from Government funding via the ‘Feed In Tariff’.
  • Renewable Heating – hot water generation and space heating – including Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps which benefit from Government funding via the ‘Renewable Heating Incentive’.
  • Energy Storage – providing a variety of storage options including heat and lithium batteries as well as immersion diverters for water storage tanks.
  • Scheduled Solar PV maintenance – ensuring that your significant investment is protected for the 25 year + life span – we recommend maintenance typically every one to two years.
  • Fault finding, troubleshooting and warranty issues for solar PV systems – full investigation and reporting of any faults.
  • Bird protection – preventing the nesting of pigeons, jackdaws, seagulls etc using effective steel mesh.
  • Upgrade and remote monitoring of solar PV systems – providing a whole host of complementary technologies that assist customers in maximising self consumption.