After installing over a 1000 domestic solar PV systems in the last 8 years, we have had experience of fitting solar PV to all roof types and situations. We also assess each home’s requirements individually as not one size fits all for solar PV. Householders can benefit from the Government’s Feed In Tariff scheme but now the key focus is on how the householder can maximise self consumption of the energy that is generated to increase returns from their initial investment. This can be done through immersion diversion systems heating hot water or with heat & electric batteries.
We can provide domestic solar PV systems for pitched or flat roofs, facing South, East or West orientation or for shaded situations. We offer all types of panels including quality All Black European and Chinese modules, together with various European and Chinese manufacturer’s inverters including Solar Edge optimisers.

Michael from Savent Solar discussed a number of options for solar PV at our home and explained the technology in great detail. We chose a higher output system due to our smaller roof size with a solar edge system which enabled us to monitor the performance of each individual panel. He also suggested a Sunamp heat battery which allowed us to heat up our hot water with the excess energy we produce. I would have no hesitation in recommending Savent Solar for anyone considering installing solar PV

John W

Domestic Customer, East Grinstead


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