Professional Off grid solar systems – for beach huts, mobile homes, back garden offices, stables, food trucks, remote properties, basically any outbuilding that is off grid and needs power.

Whilst installing both domestic and commercials systems across the UK we often have enquiries about smaller off grid systems to power cabins, beachhuts, caravans, mobile homes, sheds, stables etc to run low power 12v LED lights, charge phones, power stereos or charge batteries.

We have found that smaller systems off grid systems on the market were often poor quality or flimsy and often over priced. We have put together professional solar PV systems with the components that we install for both our commercial and domestic customers. All of these components are of high quality that will last double the life of these inferior systems at a lower price per watt. These are typically one, two or three panel (1m x 1.6m)

These systems can provide you with consistent and reliable 12v (or 24v) electricity for your home, business or outbuilding for the following:

  • LED Lighting
  • Laptop/PC
  • Refrigeration/cool box
  • Music system
  • Phone charging
  • Kettle/water heater
  • Space heating – not always possible due to draw of power to heat cabin at the lowest time of generation

For example the deep cycle battery we use can power a 60 watt appliance (fridge, lights (10x 6w) etc) for 25 hours.

We can offer you an off grid solar system that is used for commercial solar PV installations with the following qualities:

  • Professional Solar Panel with 25 year warranty (as opposed to 5 years or less with cheaper systems from online or High Street retailers)
  • More reliable and robust system for challenging or extreme environments – especially by the sea (salt) or countryside (ammonia)
  • Deep cycle US made 100 amp hour professional battery with 10 year warranty
  • All high quality cables, connections and terminals included with system
  • Our system is typically 10% or more lower cost than other inferior systems from High Street retailers

We provide you with a system that allows you to be self sufficient for your energy needs at home or mobile. The one panel price start from £999

There are multiple was to fix the solar PV modules either directly on the roof with brackets or frame or on the ground with an A frame. Our systems are modular and so we can add panels or batteries as required however a higher capacity system may require a larger controller/inverter to do this.

Please contact us on 0800 009 4199 or with your requirements of power so we can provide you with a system that fits your needs.


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