Around 20% of properties suffer from nesting of pigeons, jackdaws or seagulls in and around their solar panels. As well as the noise from these bird nesting, these birds can damage solar PV systems in a variety of different ways as listed below.

We can use bird spikes, lasers, solar panel clips and galvanised steel mesh caging to help provide a long term deterrent to birds nesting in and around your solar PV system.

  • Soiling of solar PV modules – reduced performance of solar PV system.
  • Nesting underneath solar PV modules – can cause warranty issues and become a fire hazard.
  • Soiling of cables – high acidic content of droppings can cause deterioration and failure of connections.

We employed Michael from Savent to clean and fit bird deterrents on one of our solar arrays in Brighton. We found them to be cost effective, efficient and easy to work with and got good results from the work. We would certainly recommend Savent to other solar array owners looking for a maintenance contractor.

Damien Tow

Director, Brighton Energy Ltd


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