Ensure that you complete annual maintenance your solar PV system and maximise your generation and FIT payments.

We recommend that you complete a regular clean down and full system check, to ensure that your solar PV investment is performing correctly. Most systems need either an annual or two yearly clean down and maintenance service, depending upon your solar PV system situation or position. Looking at the condition of your buildings uncleaned windows will give you a good indication of how dirty your modules may be.

Your solar PV system is constantly hit with a mixture of pollution, leaves, bird droppings, moss and sand. A clean down alone can provide you with anything up to a 20% increase in performance depending upon the condition of your modules. Examples of soiling of solar PV modules can be seen below:

We are a specialist solar PV maintenance company providing you a low cost maintenance service which will cover the following:

  • Clean down of all panels and litres of de-ionised water.
  • Check condition of inverters for any errors or warnings.
  • Check cabling inside and outside (where possible).
  • Check on generation meter for performance vs MCS/SAP calculations.
  • Check on AC/DC isolators.
  • Summary findings on conditions of system.
  • Check framework and mounting system (where possible).
  • Highlight any obvious issues for the building’s roof or surrounding area.

At the end of the inspection you will receive a summary report on state of your solar installation and assessment of how your solar system is performing against official SAP estimates.
Maintenance of a domestic solar PV system starts from £199 if no additional access is required and access can be provided safely from extended carbon fibre poles.
For Commercial maintenance, servicing or troubleshooting please contact for us for further details and pricing.
NB: Please note that for certain installation additional access or scaffolding may be required in order to complete essential maintenance. Price of this will be provided on application.

I would like to thank you for your efficient service with regard to the installation of the bird guards, cleaning and servicing of our solar panels. The work was carried out in a timely manner and we were advised what was involved throughout. The final reports were very informative and contained photographic evidence of work completed, with additional information regarding the state of repair of the roof. I would recommend your company to anyone who wanted this type of work.

Mr Joe W

Plumpton, East Sussex


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