Over the past couple of years we have seen battery prices drop substantially making them a great addition for both new and existing solar PV installations. Both individuals and businesses are keen to utilise the excess energy from their solar system to maximise returns but also prevent energy companies from receiving free electricity in the day and then charging back at 15p per KWp+ outside of daylight areas.

Batteries are available from 1kW to over 10kW and need to be specified based upon the excess energy that is available from your system. Please contact us for further details of which batteries are most suitable for your situation.

We recommend a wide variety of batteries which include the following:

  • Electric batteries – both AC and DC installation providing 24/7 electricity.
  • Heat batteries – providing both hot water and space heating.
  • Monitoring – across all aspects of your home both single and three phase systems, we recommend Smappee


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